The Rise of the Hispanic Market in the United States: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Opportunities for Corporate Management: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Oppo

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How can businesses effectively reach the emerging Hispanic consumer market with its estimated purchasing power of $1 trillion by 2010.This work examines the Hispanic worldview and how it informs people's economic decisions, both in the United States and accross North America.


Part I. The Political Economy of the Hispanization of the United States and North America; Introduction; Chapter 1. The Future of Marketing and Merchandising in the United States; On the Nature of the U.S. Hispanic Market; The Use of Spanish to Self-Segregate; Racism and Why Hispanics Self-Segregate; Of Puerto Rican Grandmothers and Mexican Gringadas; A Brave Nuevo Mundo for Corporate America; Chapter 2. Management Realities of a Fragmented North American Market; A Linguistically Fragmented North American Consumer Market; How NAFTA Fuels the Hispanization of the United States and the World; Decline of English-Language Markets in the United States and Mexico; Hispanization and Marketing in the United States; Externalities in the North American Hispanic Market; The Growing Market for Educational Services to Hispanics; Chapter 3. Labor, Immigration and Business; The Nature of Illegal Immigration; Corporate Complicity in Illegal Immigration; The Advantages of Regularizing the Labor Force Across North America; Toward a Viable Guest-Worker Program; The Emerging Conflict between African Americans and Hispanics; Part II. The Emergence of the Hispanic Market in North America; Chapter 4. Americans in Mexico: Demonstration Effects of a Flourishing Demographic
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