Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization

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* An essential book for new and migration projects for SQL Server 2005: will ensure that that such projects have a well-designed database and secure, optimized data access strategies right from the start.
* Describes all new SQL Server 2005 features related to physical database design and provides completely new chapters on designing for fast data access, and exploiting .NET code in the database for optimum distribution of application logic.
* An excellent foundation for MCAD/MCSE/MCDBA Database Design and Implementation exam.
* Deep experience and advice, along with many tips or tricks, from an MVP lead author with over ten years of experience with SQL Server.


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Louis Davidson has been in the information technology industry for ten years, as a corporate database developer and architect. Currently, he is serving as a Database Administrator for Compass Technology Management in their Nashville Data Center supporting the Christian Broadcasting Network and NorthStar Studios in Nashville, TN.The majority of his experience, with slight deviations into Visual Basic, has been spent with Microsoft SQL Server from version 1.0 to whatever latest version that is in Beta. Louis' primary areas of expertise are in database architecture and coding in Transact-SQL, and he has written thousands of numerous stored procedures and triggers throughout the years.Louis was the sole author on Professional SQL Server 2000 Database Design (Wrox, ISBN: 1-86100-476-1), and was a contributor to SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure Handbook (Wrox, ISBN: 1-86100-825-2). It is said that in his ridiculously small amount of spare time he tends to play a lot of Nintendo as well as watching a great deal of television that was popular in a different era. Most notably old English programs such as the Avengers, The Saint, Monty Python, and Black Adder, to name a few. Quite often this spare time is also spent with his notebook computer writing something pertaining to SQL.

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