So You Want to Write a Novel

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Dezember 1994



You know there is a novel locked inside of you -- chock-fullof conflict, humor, irony, enthralling events and fascinatingcharacters. What you don't know is how to set it free.Practical Advice, Hands-On HelpRespected author and professional writing instructorLou Willett Stanek's New York workshops have enabledscores of aspiring novelists to realize their dreams ofcompleting credible and compelling manuscripts. Here, ina positive, "user-friendly" format, she offers not onlyencouragement and motivation, but Clear, Step-By-Step Instructions To Accomplish Your Goal -- from original conception through final draft.Learn How To: Set up and stick to a writing schedule
Create unforgettable characters
Follow strong plotting and solid structure guidelines
Choose a viewpoint and develop conflict
Handle flashbacks and transitions
Not Just Philosophy Or A Simple Motivational Tool,
This Is The Book That Tells You How To Succeed

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