All the Strange Hours: The Excavation of Life

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In this work, the author turns his powers of reflection and discovery of his own life to relate his story. Beginning with his childhood experiences as a sickly afterthought, weighed down by the loveless union of his parents. From there he traces the odyssey that led to his search for early postglacial man. Eiseley crafts a self-portrait of a man who has thought deeply about his place in society as well as humanity's place in the natural world.


Loren Eiseley's many works include "The Night Country," "The Invisible Pyramid," and "The Firmament of Time," all available in Bison Books editions. Introducer Kathleen A. Boardman is director of the Core Writing Program at the University of Nevada, Reno.


"There can be no question that Loren Eiseley maintains a place of eminence among nature writers. His extended explorations of human life and mind, set against the backdrop of our own and other universes are like those to be found in every book of nature writing currently available. . . . We now routinely expect our nature writers to leap across the chasm between science, natural history, and poetry with grace and ease. Eiseley made the leap at a time when science was science, and literature was, well, literature. . . . His writing delivered science to nonscientists in the lyrical language of earthly metaphor, irony, simile, and narrative, all paced like a good mystery."--"Bloomsbury Review"
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