Compass of the Heart: Embodying Medicine Wheel Teachings

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Mai 1996



For those who feel a desire for a natural spirituality in their lives, "Compass of the Heart" offers insights and suggestions based on Loren Cruden's lifetime of work with Native American and other Earth-oriented traditions. Further develops the ideas and practices set forth in the author's previous work, "The Spirit of Place."


Loren Cruden, a midwife and herbal healer, leads shamanic workshops in the Pacific Northwest. She is the author of The Living Earth Tarot Deck, The Spirit of Place, and Coyote's Council Fire. She lives in Washington State.


"The medicine wheel is a simply a way of orienting oneself spiritually. Each chapter includes her observations about all the spiritual aspects of that direction, as well as suggestions for rituals and exercises. She also includes information on using medicine wheels in conjunction with chakras." --The Midwest Book Review
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