Transformation of American Catholic Sisters

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Januar 1993



A report on the social, political, and spiritual changes for Catholic nuns in the US since Vatican II. It explores the experiences that marked these changes, their effects on the women, and the future suggested by the nature of the reforms.


Preface 1. Changing Times 2. On the Way to a Different Place 3. This Land Is Their Land 4. Their Name Is "Woman" 5. A Rightful Coming of Age 6. Not Without Struggle Afterword Notes Church Documents Cited Index


"Lora Ann Quinonez and Mary Daniel Turner once again serve American religious women well. Although their book focuses on the development of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, also an account of the thought development of American women religious... Besides describing areas of change, Quinonez and Turner analyze and interpret them thoroughly and objectively and also compassionately, courageously, and readably." - Review for Religious "[Quinonez and Turner ] offer a privileged perspective on the transitions that have taken place in the past 25 years... [This] is an important work that will enlighten and challenge. It contains pieces of the ongoing transformation that are not found in the many other books on American women's religious life today. American sisters will appreciate this splendid effort to synthesize their experience. Others in the church will find that the experience of American sisters has much resonance with their own." - National Catholic Reporter "This well-written and well-documented book shows the energy, creativity, and highly organized response of these women to Vatican Council II and to the momentum which they themselves created. It is a testimony to the dynamism and creativity of the women in religious life in the past forty years. The book is a work of love and a tribute to all those women who have suffered and celebrated the transition thus far." - Marie J. Giblin, Maryknoll School of Theology
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