Playing the Soprano Recorder

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Playing the Soprano Recorder provides teachers and students with a sequential and musical approach to learning Western music notation and soprano recording playing. In addition, each lesson provides opportunities to apply, in creative ways, the notation and concepts they learn and also to support the development of creative thinking and the tools needed for composing music in Western notation.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Teaching Tips Chapter 3 Playing the Soprano Recorder and the National Standards for Music Education Part 4 Section 1 Chapter 5 Technique and Fingering Chapter 6 Music Lesson Chapter 7 Lesson Pieces Chapter 8 Creative Corner Chapter 9 Theory and Terms Chapter 10 Assignment Part 11 Section 2: Piano Accompaniments Chapter 12 Pieces: Lessons I-XVII


Lois Veenhoven Guderian is active as a music educator, composer, choral director, clinician, music education researcher, consultant and performer. Currently at Northwestern University, Lois has taught general, choral, instrumental and private music instruction levels pre-K through university, and continues to create texts, curricula, music and special programs for schools, churches, and communities.


I highly recommend getting this guide to use with your own students. American Recorder
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