A Beginner's Guide to Copy Cataloging on Oclc/Prism

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November 1995



Created for the beginning library technician working in the cataloging department, this work is written on a basic level that assumes the user has very little knowledge of libraries and cataloging activities. The author explains cataloging terminology in simple terms and briefly discusses bibliographic utilities. The MARC record is fully explained, and there is a suggested plan for teaching new employees how to use the OCLC system. Concentrating on copy cataloging of monographs, most of the book consists of sample title pages, partial versos of title pages, and other relevant information, followed by an unedited OCLC bibliographic record. The author discusses the bibliographic area under review and provides an edited OCLC bibliographic. Exercises allow users to practice and hone their skills. A useful tool for practicing technicians, this book can also be used as a text for schools that offer an associate degree program in library science.


?Very easy-to-follow style and format. Recommended where the need fits.?-Public Library Quarterly
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