Graphic Agitation

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September 1995



Graphic art is a powerful weapon of protest and propaganda, shock and subversion. From the revolutionary Sixties to the present, Graphic Agitation explores the many ways in which graphic art and design have addressed social and political issues around the globe. Covering a broad range of subject areas including war, peace, ecology, health and sexual politics, the book features the work of some of the design world's best-known personalities as well as the graphics of anonymous protest. In addition to its striking visual impact, this unique collection of images presents a memorable reflection of the social concerns and political struggles of our age.


Liz McQuiston divides her time between graphic design practice, teaching and writing. Her publications include Women in Design: A Contemporary View and The Graphic Design Sourcebook, as well as Graphic Agitation 2 and Suffregettes to She-Devils, published by Phaidon.


'This ambitious chronicle is a must for the scholars, students and practitioners of alternative media.' (The New York Times)
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Untertitel: Social and Political Graphics Since the Sixties. New ed. 600 colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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