Health and Care in Ageing Societies: A New International Approach

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August 2012



In the context of global ageing societies, there are few challenges to the underlying assumption that policies should promote functional health and independence in older people and contain the costs of care. This book provides such a challenge.


Introduction; Patterns and trends in ageing and health; Understanding health and care; The policy process in health and care; Healthy ageing: upstream actions to prevent illness; Medicine, ageing and health care; Care for health in later life; Conclusion.


Liz Lloyd is a Senior Lecturer in Social Gerontology at the University of Bristol, School for Policy Studies. Her research is on ageing and the life course with a particular focus on health and the ethics of care. She has researched and published on the end-of-life in old age and she has been instrumental in developing the ethics of care perspective within gerontology.


"This is a major contribution to the debate about health policies for older people. The study represents a powerful critique of health inequality and will be a vital resource for students of social policy and social gerontology." --Chris Phillipson, Professor of Applied Social Studies and Social Gerontology, Director of Social Science Research Institutes, Keele University, UK. "This highly readable and thought-provoking book could not be more timely. In challenging orthodox - and increasingly pessimistic - understandings of health and care, Liz Lloyd makes a compelling case for change in the orientation of public policy in ageing societies." ---Thomas Scharf, Professor of Social Gerontology and Directory, Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland. "...the book will appeal to academics, postgraduate students, senior practitioners and policy makers. I will be adding this publication to the reading lists of our postgraduate students". --Karen Lowton, Institute of Gerontology, King's College London.
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