The Essential Book of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Dezember 1995



For more than four thousand years, Chinese scholars and medical practitioners have documented ways of maintaining health and treating illness, from theories of yin-yang and the zang-fu organs to the use of herbs and acupuncture. The Essential Book of Traditional Chinese Medicine marks the first time such concepts have been made accessible to Westerners in a comprehensive form.


Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Orientation
Yin-Yang and the Five Elements
The Zang-Fu System
The Channel System
Etiology: The Cause of Disease
Pathogenesis: The Course of Disease
Methods of Examination
Diagnosis: The Differentiation of Symptom-Complexes


Liu Yanchi. Written and Edited in Collaboration with Kathleen Vian and Peter Eckman. Translated by Fang Tingyu and Chen Laidi


"Reflects a great deal of work not only by the author...but also by a group of ten highly proficient translators and editors on both sides of the Pacific who did a wonderful job." -- Journal of the American Medical Association
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