Finance in Asia

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Februar 2012



Asia's demand for second-generation financial institutions and markets needs to be met in order for the region's further development to be sustained. This book provides an assessment of practices and regulations in Asia's financial institutions and markets and documents the opportunities and challenges that lie in the region's financial systems.


Introduction 1. Asia's Development Model 2. Finance in Asia 3. Challenges to Development & Finance 4. Financial Systems & Practice 5. Institutional Foundations of Finance 6. Credit Risk & Commercial Banking 7. Investment Banking & Financial Innovation 8. Debt Securities, Derivatives & Complex Transactions 9. Equity Securities, Organised Markets & Corporate Governance 10. Acquisitions, Corporate Finance & Control 11. Non-bank and non-traditional intermediation 12. Regional Financial Integration 13. The Future of Finance in Asia Glossary Bibliography Table of Cases & Statutes


Qiao Liu is Professor of Finance and Economics in the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Paul Lejot is Visiting Fellow at the Asian Institute of International Financial Law at the University of Hong Kong. Douglas W. Arner is Professor and Head of the Department of Law in the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong.
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