Ring of Fire

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September 2003



An expanded version of Ring of Fire, originally published by Zoland Books, Boston, 2001. This full-length collection includes individual lyric poems as well as a previously published chapbook Sea Lyrics and a new collaborative piece "Dumb Duke Death" with illustrations by Jennifer Jarnot.


I. The Book of Providence The Bridge Dictionary Tell Me Poem Ode Brooklyn Anchorage What In Fire Did I, Firelover, Starter of Fires, Love? Found Text Autobiography Still Life Valley of the Shadow of the Dogs The New Life The Age of the Velocipede II. Sea Lyrics III. Dumb Duke Death Dumb Duke Death IV. Heliopolis Suddenly, Last Summer O Life Force of Supernalness of World Ye White Antarctic Birds Poem Beginning with a Line by Frank Lima O Razorback Clams Moo Is Om Backwards Song of the Chinchilla You, Armadillo On the Lemur Aardvark Song from the Greek Lake of Fire The Song Between Old The Eightfold Path Right View Right Aspiration Right Speech Right Action Right Energy Right Mind Right Labor Right Meditation The Specific Incendiaries of Springtime


Lisa Jarnot was born in Buffalo, New York in 1967. She is the author of several chapbooks as well as a full-length collection of poems, Some Other Kind of Mission, (Burning Deck Press, 1996). She currently lives in New York City and is completing a biography of the American poet Robert Duncan which will be published by the University of California Press in 2004.


The remarkable poems in Lisa Jarnot's Ring of Fire seem to come to us out of some profound, yet distant, sadness. Rising on wave after wave of near endless iteration, like a linguistic Mandelbrot set, they arrive in the long moment after loss as the signature and enactment of an initiation -- the primal collision and redemptive force of breathing between the tensile structure of the poem and the frangible space of living. -- Patrick Pritchett Jacket Magazine Jarnot's poems get me both in the head and in the gut. The "I" is key to the poetry's power: it's ecstatic. From the Greek for 'to put out of place,' the ecstatic self is driven out of itself. This is the simultaneous joy and terror of the work: From 'Brooklyn Anchorage': 'I became someone else … everything/ reached down from the sky to kill me / and now the cattails sing.' The Ring of Fire is both Dante's suffering and the Johnny Cash song's self burned away by passion. -- Alison Cobb Small Press Traffic
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