Good Parents Bad Parenting: How to Parent Together When Your Parenting Styles Are Worlds Apart

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Every parent develops a unique parenting style from his or her own unique childhood background. Through experienced insight, practical advice, games and exercises, "Good Parents Bad Parenting" empowers parents to work through their relationship and parenting differences to raise happy, responsible and successful children."The authors' personal insights help parents understand how their own childhood affects their parenting and their lives. This is the parenting book for the 21st century."David Berman, MD-Pediatrician, UCLA School of Medicine Clinical Instructor"You and your wife help parents distill problems down to manageable segments and then offer solid solutions on how to face them."Kristopher Shepherd-Rainbow Company Youth Theatre Instructor"The material is presented in a very user friendly way and in language the real parent can understand: short, quick and to the point."Nancy Morishita-Certified Preschool Director, Bradley Natural Childbirth Instructor

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