The Aid Chain: Coercion and Commitment in Development NGOs

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September 2007



Significant proportions of aid already flow through the non-governmental sector, but questions are increasingly being asked about the role of NGOs and whether they can deliver on their ambitious claims. This study examines conditionality and mutual commitment between international aid donors and recipient NGOs, North and South. Fieldwork and case study material from Uganda and South Africa are used to support the authors contention that the fast changing aid sector has--in the context of a dynamic policy environment--encouraged the mainstreaming of a managerial approach that does not admit of any analysis of power relations or cultural diversity. This increasing--essentially technical-- definition of the roles of NGOs has worked to limit the extent of the very development that the organizations were initially established to promote.


Preface by Tony Benn. Acknowledgements; Biographies of authors; List of acronyms; Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 The changing context for the work of development NGOs; Chapter 3 The management of development; Chapter 4 The major UK donors and the flow of aid through the NGO sector; Chapter 5 The NGO context in Uganda and South Africa; Chapter 6 Normative conditions: rational management of the aid chain; Chapter 7 The ties that bind; Chapter 9 Chains of influence in South Africa; Chapter 10 Listening to the past and building a new future; References; List of figures; List of tables; Appendix; Index


Tina Wallace, who headed the research project, is Honorary senior research fellow, Open University Business School and a freelance consultant working with development NGOs. She has always worked in development, teaching at Universities in Uganda and Nigeria as well as UK; she was involved in establishing the Gender and Strategic Planning Units in Oxfam. She is widely published. Lisa Bornstein worked for many years at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, where she was head of the SA research, and she is now teaching and researching at the University of McGill in Canada. She specialises in planning as well as development issues. Jennifer Chapman is currently working freelance, after three years heading an action research programme for ActionAid on the evaluation of advocacy work by development NGOs. She has extensive research and practical experience with NGOs and is currently developing a manual on understanding and learning from advocacy and policy work.


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