Earth Science Demystified

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Juni 2004



Earth Science has never been easier to understand Coverage includes: rocks and minerals, strata, fossils, volcano's, earthquakes, glaciers, wind and erosion, oceans, type of rock, atmosphere, carbon and calcium, the hydrologic cycle, and more.


<H2>PART ONE: EARTH<H3>Chapter 1: Planet Earth<H3>Chapter 2: Geological Time<H3>Chapter 3: On the Inside<H3>Chapter 4: Plate Tectonics<H3>Chapter 5: Strata and Land Eras <H4>Part One Test<H2>PART TWO: MINERALS AND ROCKS <H3>Chapter 6: Igneous Rock<H3>Chapter 7: Sedimentary Rock<H3>Chapter 8: Metamorphic Rock<H3>Chapter 9: Minerals and Gems<H3>Chapter 10: Fossils<H4>Part Two Test<H2>PART THREE: SURFACE NEWS<H3>Chapter 11: Volcanoes<H3>Chapter 12: Earthquakes<H3>Chapter 13: Oceans<H3>Chapter 14: Atmosphere<H3>Chapter 15: Weathering and Topography<H4>Part Three Test<H4>Final Exam<H4>Chapter Quiz Answers<H4>Part Test Answers<H4>Final Exam Answers<H4>Appendix I: Conversion Factors<H4>Appendix II: Crystals<H4>References<H4>Internet References<H4>Index<H4>About the Author


Linda D. Williams is a nonfiction writer with specialities in science, medicine, and space. She works in the Weiss School of Natural Sciences at Rice University, Houston, Texas. A resident of Houston, Texas, Ms. Williams' work has ranged from biochemistry and microbiology to genetics and human enzyme research. She has worked as a technical writer and chief scientist at NASA and McDonnell Douglas, and served as a science speaker for the Medical Sciences Division of NASA-Johnson Space Centre. She is the author of two other popular volumes in this series, Earth Science Demystified and Chemistry Demystified.
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