Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt

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September 1999



Royal jubilees, towering pyramids, face painting, and jewelry making? The sky' s the limit when you spend the day in ancient Egypt! Picture this: You get out of bed and, as you go to brush your teeth, you suddenly realize that you' ve traveled back in time over 4,500 years to ancient Egypt. The sun is shining, the Nile River is almost flooding, and everywhere you look, humongous pyramids are being erected. ... You have a strong hunch that it' s going to be a truly amazing day. You' ll spend the day with a family in the land of Giza during the Fourth Dynasty and learn all about Egyptian culture with loads of exotic and fun-filled activities. Join ten-year-old Meryt as she practices playing the harp for the festival of Bastet, and make your own music with a string of menat rhythm beads. Be an apprentice scribe to the pyramid builders with Meryt' s twelve-year-old brother, lpy, as you learn to count with hieroglyphs. Join the family for a round of Senet, a traditional Egyptian board game, using a board and game pieces you' ve made yourself. Then, before your day in Egypt is through, make a delicious feast fit for a pharaoh! Ages 8 to 12 Collect the whole Spend the Day series! Spend the Day in Ancient Greece Spend the Day in Ancient Rome


Waking Up in Giza. Ipy Meets the Pyramid Builders. Meryt's Misic Lesson. Ipy Visits the House of Life. A Cat's Journey to the Afterlife. A Hunt in the Delta. Getting Ready for the Festival. Celebration at the Temple of Bastet. A Royal Jubilee. Feasting on the Banks of the Nile. Resources. Glossary. Index.


LINDA HONAN is the Program Director of the Higgins Armory Museum and developer of educational TV series for children on world history topics. She is also the author of Spend the Day in Ancient Greece and Spend the Day in Ancient Rome. ELLEN KOSMER is Professor of Art History and Associate Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education at Worcester State College. She is also the illustrator of Linda Honan's Spend the Day in Ancient Greece and Spend the Day in Ancient Rome.
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