Spend the Day in Ancient Greece

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Modern children follow a typical ancient Greek family through their day, and along the way they get to do all the things the Greeks did--from making clothes and jewelry to learning Greek letters to preparing a fabulous Greek feast. Packed with information, "Spend the Day in Ancient Greece" offers children a unique, hands-on glimpse into a remarkable civilization. Illustrations. 128 pp. Ages 8-12. Pub: 2/98.


Waking Up in Athens. Helen's Peplos. Alexander's Lessons. At the Theater. Lunch in the Agora. The Chariot Race. The Boat Race. The Hoplite Race. Getting Ready for the Parade. The Great Parade. Athena's Feast. Resources. Glossary. Index.


LINDA HONAN is the Program Director of the Higgins Armory Museum and developer of three educational TV series for children on world history topics. ELLEN KOSMER is Professor of Art History and Associate Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education at Worcester State College. Linda Honan is the author and Ellen Kosmer the illustrator of Picture the Middle Ages: The Middle Ages Resource Book.
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Untertitel: Projects and Activities That Bring the Past to Life. 'Spend the Day Series'. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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