The Irish Women's Movement

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This superbly incisive, comprehensive history of the Irish women's movement from the 1860s to today, now in paperback, shows how a network of constituent organizations and individuals was transformed into an engine of social change. While feminism is a major intellectual and political tradition in Ireland, it has been misrepresented and misunderstood in mainstream Irish studies. This survey of key historical and contemporary perspectives demonstrates how the women's movement fundamentally challenged established interpretations of the way in which modern Irish society has evolved over time, creating new theoretical directions in Irish studies.


LINDA CONNOLLY lectures in Sociology at the University College Cork, Ireland.


"Ireland's first book-length study of this transformative social movement... Linda Connolly not only charts a tradition but lays down a challenge." - Aine McCarthy, The Sunday Tribune "An important contribution to the history of the period... has a lot to say that is of value to the broader debates about Irish society in the past and in the future." - Mary Cullen, History Ireland "A well written and very readable book. It not only has an excellent bibliography but contains many informative appendices. These will be of enormous use to students and researchers alike." - Louise Ryan, Women's Studies International Forum "A welcome addition to our understanding of the woman's movement and social change in Ireland... comprehensive and well written, while being an accessible and enjoyable read." - Paul Ryan, Irish Journal of Sociology
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