Wise Leadership

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Mai 2005



This insightful book offers an opportunity for people from all walks of life to learn more about the concept of leadership and to gain an understanding of what it really means to be a wise leader in today's complex and challenging world. Anyone who is interested in making significant changes in the world, or simply abetting progress in either large or small ways, will appreciate this important book. Wise Leadership breaks from the formulas offered up in traditional self-help or management and leadership books. Rather than providing a set of quick-fix recipes for success, McLyman invites leaders instead to listen to the simple, poignant words she has garnered from working alongside some of her most successful and powerful clients during twenty-plus years of management consulting. These are the leaders everyone wants to have in their organizations. In a simple, practical, and insightful style, McLyman invites her readers to grasp the values, beliefs, and truths that are commonly held by many of today's wisest leaders. Discover what it really means to work not just as a smart and intelligent leader, but also as a very wise leader. The path to intelligence, we discover, is not necessarily the same path to wisdom. McLyman encourages us to listen to the thoughts and feelings behind the simple words. As we eavesdrop on conversations with clients, we are invited to ponder our own meaning of wise leadership. There are no quick solutions, no simple answers; instead, McLyman declares, we must learn to think for ourselves.


Linda A. McLyman is a management consultant, corporate trainer, national speaker, and executive development coach. She has more than twenty years experience in the field of leadership development and specializes in helping people grasp their true leadership potential.

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