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Februar 2006



Lincoln Kirstein's writing is a notable example of a wide historical awareness that was fired by passion and guided by taste. Best known for his pioneering efforts to cultivate ballet in the United States, he actively pursued a professional partnership with legendary choreographer George Balanchine, with whom he founded both the School of American Ballet and the New York City Ballet. This collection, in paperback for the first time, showcases Kirstein's knowledge of dance, painting, photography, theatre, politics, and literature and combines many of his best-known and most authoritative statements with less familiar but equally brilliant polemics and appreciations. Along with autobiographical essays and poetry, his commentary covers such dives personalities as composer Igor Stravinsky, photographer Walker Evans, author Ernest Hemingway, actress Marilyn Monroe, and Robert Gould Shaw, leader of the courageous black Civil War regiment. The book also contains photographs from Kirstein's private collection--portraits of himself and other famous artist of the time, such as Diaghilev, Cocteau, and Eisentein, among others.


Nicholas Jenkins teaches twentieth-century culture and literature at Stanford University.

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