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With simple techniques and clear directions, this book features dishes like Salmon no Risotto de Caipirinha (Salmon over a Caipirinha Risotto) and Bolinho Quente de Doce de Leite com Sorbet de Coalhada (Molten Dulce de Leche Cake with a Sour Cream Sorbet).


Leticia Moreinos Schwartz was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moved to New York in 1997. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute she worked in the kitchens of many of the top New York City restaurants. In 2000 she moved to Connecticut and started her own catering and cooking instruction business, teaching at schools such as The Institute of Culinary Education and the French Culinary Institute where she has built up a loyal following.


*Winner*Gourmand World Cookbook Award for best Latin American Cookbook in the World 2010 (Paris, March 2011)
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Untertitel: 100 Classic and Contempory Recipes for the Home Cook. colour photography. Sprache: Englisch.
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