Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life: A Concise Introduction and Research Guide

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August 2004



Offering an approach to understanding ICTs, this work covers topics in areas, such as the digital divide; children, youth and ICTs; the dynamics of ICTs within households; social networks and ICTs; and time, movement and public space in relationship to ICTs. It is aimed at professionals, policymakers and students, who work in the field of ICTs.


1. Introduction
2. Uneven patterns of adoption and use of ICTs
3. Children, youth and ICTs
4. Changing life circumstances and ICTs
5. Managing relationships through and around ICTs
6. Social networks and ICTs
7. Time and ICTs
8. Movement, public spaces and ICTs
9. The careers of ICTs
10. Conclusions


Leslie Haddon is Visiting Research Associate in Media at the London School of Economics


'Leslie Haddon - one of the most influential new media researchers - employs the general concept of 'domestication' to bring the reader into the complex social dynamics shaping, and often taming, the impact of technologies like the computer and mobile phone in everyday life.' Professor William H. Dutton, Director, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford'This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the relationship between the new information and communication technologies and society. The author shows how the relationships between ICTs and society are never as clean and clear cut as some media, policy and even academic representation might have us believe - the discussion of the 'digital divide' being an excellent expose of some of the sloppy thinking that has gone before.' Ben Anderson, University of Essex 'Haddon provides a useful framework and presents complex and diverse results in a clear and concise fashion. This is a book that will be of use to
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