Everything I've Ever Done That Worked

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A collection of short essays which acts as spiritual and emotional first-aid kit. It contains things that work in darkness and things that work in daylight. It includes techniques that will help you plan your journey and techniques that will light the next inch of the path when you've lost your way.


Lesley Garner's thoughts and observations have been published in many newspapers and magazines, including The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday and London Evening Standard. She has been everything from reporter and columnist to art critic and agony aunt. She is widely travelled and has lived in Ethiopia and Afghanistan.


This book is a huge celebration of life and how we can in simple ways enrich our days ... I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel happier, more fulfilled and increasingly to enjoy the world around them. Jilly Cooper A beautiful collection of short essays which act as a spiritual and emotional first-aid kit. The Guardian Lesley Garner has produced the perfect bedside book for those nights when you can't sleep and it's too late to call a friend... You magazine She writes like a dream... she is always wise, perceptive and utterly original Daily Mail Superb The Independent An elegantly written 'emotional first aid kit' to help in those dark moments when life just gets a bit much. Stylist Magazine 20100908 An inspirational collection of ideas distilled from years of experience, this new edition of Garner's invigorating book is thoroughly eclectic, energizing pot-pourri of practical and philisophical ideas ideal for anyone seeking equilibrium. The Good Book Guide 20100901
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