Early Education Transformed

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Early Education Reformed provides a strong foundation of knowledge about aspects of early years education, by summarising the current status and outlining paths of development for now and the future. Specially commissioned papers by some of the most respected academics currently working in the field of early childhood and education means that this book will be essential reading for early years teachers and staff, social and child-care workers, researchers and policy-makers.


Preface DfEE Foreword : The Importance of Having a Vision Glenys Kinnock Introduction : A Vision for the Future - Reforming or Transforming? Helen Moylett and Lesley Abbott 1 Inspecting the Future Rosemary Peacocke 2 The Good, the Bad and the Possible? Linguistic and Cultural Diversity: Changing Perceptions and Practices Caroline Barratt-Pugh 3 In Praise of Inspired and Inspiring Teachers Tina Bruce 4 Quality and Professionalism in Early Childhood Christopher Ball 5 Another Way of Seeing: Perceptions of Play in a Steiner Kindergarten Mary-Jane Drummond 6 Protecting Playfulness Rod Parker-Rees 7 The Search for Expertise: The Importance of the Early Years John Abbott 8 Valuing Young Children Tricia David 9 Accounting Early for Lifelong Learning Christine Pascal and Tony Bertram 10 Musings from a Nursery Inspector and Letters from a Pupil Margaret Stevens 1 Planetary Influences Mark Vandervelde 12 'If this was on the computer we could hear the lion go roar' - Information and Communications Technology in Early Years Education Paul Barker 13 Early Childhood Institutions as a Democratic and Emancipatory Project Peter Moss 14 Early Childhood Education in the Postmodern World Phillip Gammage 15 The Role of Research in Explaining the Past and Shaping the Future Kathy Sylva 16 Young Children and Their Families: Creating a Community Response Gillian Pugh Conclusion: Drawing the Threads Together Lesley Abbott and Helen Moylett
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