The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations That Sabotage Your Life

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September 2004



Free Yourself from THE ANGER TRAP Dr. Les Carter– nationally recognized expert on the topics of conflict resolution, emotions, and spirituality, and coauthor of the bestselling The Anger Workbook– has written this practical book that shows how to overcome unhealthy anger and improve relationships. With gentle spiritual wisdom and solid psychological research, Dr. Carter guides you to creating a better, happier life for yourself, your family, and your coworkers. " The Anger Trap is a masterfully written book, offering penetrating insights into the factors that can imprison individuals in unwanted patterns of frustration. With his well-developed insights and using case examples, Les Carter carefully explains how you can change your thinking, your communication, and your behavior as you release yourself from the ravages of anger gone bad."
– from the Foreword by Frank Minirth, M.D. " Les Carter has assimilated his years of experience counseling people trapped by anger into a book that I believe will prove helpful to many readers. The Anger Trap offers fresh information and understanding that can lead to recovery and reconciliation."
– Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker " Have you ever looked in a mirror and said ‘ I don't like what I see!’ This book reflects a number of myths we ‘ wear’ and shows us how to trade them in for the real truths."
– June Hunt, radio host of Hope for the Heart " The best book on anger out there. Five stars!"
– Dr. Tim Clinton, president, American Association of Christian Counselors


Les Carter, Ph.D., is the chief resident psychotherapist at the Minirth Clinic, Richardson, Texas, where he has maintained a private counseling practice since 1980. He is a nationally recognized expert on topics including conflict resolution, emotions and spirituality, and marriage and family relationships. He is the coauthor of the bestselling The Anger Workbook. Dr. Carter can be reached at
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