Education Policy

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April 2006



Education policy is high on the agenda of governments across the world, as global pressures focus increasing attention on its outcomes and implications for economic prosperity. This work makes connections and links to how this policy is formed and how it affects schools and colleges.


Part 1: Educational policy considered What is educational policy? Models of policy development Part 2: Themes in educational policy Autonomy and choice Equity and economy Citizenship and identity Part 3: The impact of educational policy Policy, strategy and leadership Autonomy and choice: the development of site-based management Reconciling equity and economy: a case-study of Education Action Zones in England Citizenship and identity: cultural pluralism and school leadership Conclusion; Educational policy re-considered


Les Bell is Professor of Education and Director of the Doctorate of Education programme. Howard Stevenson is a lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management. Both are based at the Centre for Educational Leadership and Management, University of Leicester.
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