Emergency Care in the Optometric Setting

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Written by optometrists, for optometrists, "Emergency Care in the Optometric Setting" covers most emergency situations optometrists may confront. This excellent guide offers the optometrist a ready reference to dealing with patient emergencies from life-threatening losses of consciousness, breathing difficulties, and chest pain to the most common ocular urgencies and emergencies. A book that should be in every optometrist's office, this concise, easy-to-use guide provides: *An approach to rapid, appropriate responses for emergencies from asthma attacks to eye injuries *Step-by-step guidance for dealing with the most commonly encountered in-office emergencies and their complications *Evaluation recommendations, potential complications, and management guidance for common emergencies *Hands-on help with eye trauma, foreign bodies, diplopia, acute eye pain, closed-angle crises, red eye, and more *Structured, rapid-review responses to transitory and persistent vision loss *Guidance on flashes, floaters, and post-surgical care *Straightforward talk on emergency prevention *Advice on being prepared for emergencies *Quick-lookup guide to medical-legal considerations PERFECT ON-HAND GUIDE FOR TREATING EYE--AND OTHER HEALTH--EMERGENCIES


Part I Life Threatening Emergencies

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Prevention

Chapter 3 The In-Office Emergency

Chapter 4 Checking the Patient

Chapter 5 Unconsciousness

Chapter 6 Breathing Emergencies

Chapter 7 Sudden Illness

Chapter 8 Chest Pain

Chapter 9 Being Prepared

Chapter 10 Medical-Legal Considerations

Part II Ocular Urgencies and Emergencies

Chapter 11 Ocular Foreign Bodies

Chapter 12 Ocular Trauma

Chapter 13 Diplopia

Chapter 14 Red Eye

Chapter 15 Acute Eye Pain

Chapter 16 Transient Vision Loss

Chapter 17 Persistent Vision Loss

Chapter 18 Flashes and Floaters

Chapter 19 Postsurgical Care


Richard J. Madonna, OD, MA, FAAO
Associate Professor
Chief, Ocular Disease

State University of New York
State College of Optometry
New York, NY

Michael A. Heiberger, OD, MA
Associate Clinical Professor
Special Testing Service
State University of New York
State College of Optometry
New York, NY

Leon Nehman, OD
Assistant Clinical Professor
State University of New York
State College of Optometry
New York, NY

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