The Seine Was Red

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August 2008



Le la Sebbar's novel recounts an event in French history that has beenhidden for many years. Mildred Mortimer's impressive translation conveys the powerof Sebbar's words in English and allows English-speaking readers an opportunity tounderstand the complex relationship between past and present, metropole and colony, immigrant and citizen, that lies at the heart of this acclaimed novel.


Acknowledgments; Introduction: Unearthing Hidden History by Mildred Mortimer Nanterre. Amel. October 1996; Paris; Flora and Mina; Louis. Rue de la Sante; Nanterre. Amel and Omer; The mother; October 1961; The owner of the Atlas cafe; Nanterre. Amel and Omer; The mother; October 1961 - Papon's harki.; Flora; Louis; Defense. Amel and Omer; The mother; October 1961 - The Algerian rescued from the water; Republique. Amel and Omer; October 1961 - The owner of the Goutte d'Or cafe - Barbs; Flora; Louis; Flora; Louis; Concorde. Amel and Omer; The mother; October 1961 - The French lover; Louis; Bonne Nouvelle. Amel and Omer; October 30, 1961 - The French student; Flora; Saint-Michel. Amel and Omer; The Mother; October 17, 1961 - The bookseller of Rue Saint-Severin; Louis; Orly. Amel and Omer; The mother; October 1961 - The cop at Clichy; Louis; Alexandria. Amel and Omer. Louis


Leila Sebbar is one of the French-speaking world's most important writers. Her novels include Sherazade, Marguerite, La jeune fille au balcon, and Soldats. She was born in Algeria and lives in Paris, France. Mildred Mortimer is Professor of French at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She has translated Leila Sebbar's Le Silence des Rives/Silence on the Shores and has written several works on North African literature, including Maghrebian Mosaic: A Literature in Transition and Journeys through the French African Novel. She lives in Boulder, Colorado."


"This novel raises profound and timely questions about the nature of democracy, Muslim-Western relations, memory, history, and forgetting. Mildred Mortimer's masterful translation is a pleasure to read." Anne Donadey, author of Recasting Postcolonialism
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