Producing Workers

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April 1997



As the politicization of cultural identities--based on religion, ethnicity, gender, race--has come to play a central role in shaping relations between and among peoples, issues of difference raise unsettling questions about how identities overlap and group interests are represented. Using the jute mills of Calcutta as a case study, Leela Fernandes reveals that these interconnections play a fundamental role in shaping both the political actions of workers and the representation of their interests.


By Leela Fernandes


"Producing Workers elegantly and poignantly illuminates the complex interplay between working class politics, gender, and cultural identities within the confines of Calcutta's jute mills... A fascinating and important study of identity politics in contemporary India."-Journal of Asian History
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Untertitel: The Politics of Gender, Class, and Culture in the Calcutta Jute Mills. 'Critical Histories'. Illustrations, maps, 1 plan. Sprache: Englisch.
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