Survival English 1b

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August 1993



For students who have some degree of literacy, a small speaking vocabulary, and knowledge of the alphabet, this 3-volume series teaches the language and coping skills necessary in everyday adult living.
-- Contains more than 100 functional dialogues, each with accompanying exercises in basic survival areas.
-- Conversations in each book center on everyday living skills appropriate to adult learners.
-- Teacher's Edition includes reproducible activity masters.


6 FOOD ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY DIALOGUES 1. I Need Bread and Eggs. 2. Do You Like Hamburger? 3. How Much Is the Broccoli? 4. I Want to Return this Meat. 5. I'm Hungry. 6. I Want To Make a Cake. 7. Next, Please. 7 CLOTHING ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY DIALOGUES 1. You Look Nice Today. 2. I Need To Buy Jackets. 3. Try It On. 4. On Sale? 5. I'll Exchange it. 6. Do You Have the Receipt? 7. Cash or Charge? 8. Pull up Your Socks. 9. I'm Making a Shirt. 10. Sew the Button on the Material. 11. I Need to Wash My Clothes. 8 HOUSING ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY DIALOGUES 1. Is Ann Home? 2. Do You Live In a House? 3. I'm Looking for a New Apartment. 4. How Much Is the Rent? 5. Do You Pay Utilities? 6. How Much Is the Cleaning Deposit? 7. My Window Is Broken. 8. My Bathroom Sink Is Leaking. 9. Can I Borrow Your Plunger? 10. I Have Cockroaches. 11. We're Cleaning the Apartment Today. 9 OCCUPATIONS ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY DIALOGUES 1. What's His job? 2. Is He a Truck Driver? 3. What Was your Job? 4. Are You Working? 5. Full-Time or Part-Time? 6. It's Nice to Meet you. 7. I Want to Apply. 8. Do You Wash dishes? 9. What's Her Salary? 10. He Can Fix Cars. 10 COMMUNITY ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY DIALOGUES 1. Is It Open? 2. Do You Have ID? 3. Please Endorse the Check. 4. Do You Have Change? 5. Out of Order. 6. I'll Call later. 7. I Need to Buy Stamps. 8. 20 10[cent] Stamps? 9. My Kitchen Is on Fire. 10. This Is an Emergency. 11. Call the Police. 12. I Need a Police Officer. 13. This Is a Bill. 14. How Much is the Service Charge? 15. Do You Have a Library Card?
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