Phonological Issues in Language Learning: Volume III in the Best of Language Learning Series

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November 1999



Includes eight studies, which yield insights on a range of questions relating to second-language speech acquisition and learning. This book includes a chapter, which offers an overview of second-language speech research, providing a broader scientific context for these studies and the issues they address.


Second-Language Speech Research: An Introduction (Jonathan Leather) Part I: Modeling Acquisition The Modification of Onsets in a Markedness Relationship: Testing the Interlanguage Structural Conformity Hypothesis (Robert S. Carlisle) Cantonese Speakers and the Acquisition of French Consonants (W. Cichoki, A. B. House, A. M. Kinloch, and A. C. Lister) Chronological and Stylistic Aspects of Second Language Acquisition of Consonant Clusters (Roy C. Major) The Similarity Differential Rate Hypothesis (Roy C. Major and Eunyi Kim) Segment Composition as a Factor in the Syllabification Errors of Second-Language Speakers (Ida J. Stockman and Erna Pluut) Part II: Implications for Instruction Bimodal Speech Perception by Nature and Nonnative Speakers of English: Factors Influencing the McGurk Effect (Debra M. Hardison) Foreign Accent, Comprehensibility, and Intelligibility in the Speech of Second Language Learners (Murray J. Munro and Tracey M. Derwing) English Ambisyllabic Consonants and Half-Closed Syllables in Language Teaching (Robert L. Trammell) Index
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