Strategies for Theory Construction in Nursing

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September 2010



Completely updated in a new 5th edition, this book details the advances that have been made in theory development and demonstrate the continued relevance of theory to nursing practice. Chapters discuss concepts, statement, and theory development with recently published examples of theory strategies, emphasizing concept analytical work. Introductory chapters clarify the relevance of theory to nursing practice, while concluding chapters contain a greater emphasis on how theories can be tested for validity and utility in practice. Features include: Recent theory development work being done by nurses; Emergent philosophical views that reflect increased diversity; International nursing theory development. Updated material through-outPreliminary Notes that engage the reader with a personal voice.


1. Theory in Nursing: Past to Present 2. Using Knowledge Development and Theory to Inform Practice 3. Approaches to Theory Development Used in This Book PART II. Derivation Strategies 4. Concept Derivation 5. Statement Derivation 6. Theory Derivation PART III. Synthesis Strategies 7. Concept Synthesis 8. Statement Synthesis 9. Theory Synthesis PART IV. Analysis Strategies 10. Concept Analysis 11. Statement Analysis 12. Theory Analysis PART V. Perspectives on Theory and Its Credibility 13. Concept, Statement, and Theory Testing
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