The Nursing Home Decision: Easing the Transition for Everyone

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August 1999



Easing the Way to a New Stage in Life..
Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a difficult thing to face. In addition to choosing a home, figuring out finances, and dealing with the actual moving, you may also be struggling with deeper conflicts. The emotions you may feel--of guilt, sadness, anger, and even relief--are never predictable, and can sometimes cause confusion. This invaluable book helps to ease this process, opening the channels of communication for all concerned. By examining the experience of nursing home care from all perspectives, including those of families, caregivers, and the residents themselves, everyone can learn to cope with this new situation. The Nursing Home Decision offers effective advice and empathic reassurance for managing one of life's most difficult transitions, allowing everyone to learn and grow from this new experience.


Why a Nursing Home? The Image. No One Likes Getting Old. The Needs. The Resident's Challenges. The Family's Challenges. The Staff's Challenges. Growth from Change. The Resident's Opportunities. The Family's Opportunities. The Staff's Opportunities. Conclusion. Permissions. Index.


LAWRENCE M. MARTIN, M.D., is a psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic, where he co-developed its nursing home psychiatry consultation service. He is also an assistant professor at Mayo Medical School.
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