New England Literary Culture: From Revolution Through Renaissance

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This book is a study of the development of New England literature and literary institutions from the American Revolutionary era to the late nineteenth century.


Part I. Four Overviews: 1. Theoretical premises; 2. A narrative overview of New England's literary development; 3. Marketplace, ethos, practice: the Antebellum literary situation; 4. Neoclassical continuities: the early national era and the New England literary tradition; Part II. Three Representative Genres: 5. New England Poetics: Emerson, Dickinson, and others; 6. New England oratory from Everett to Emerson; 7. Literary scripturism; Part III. Reinventing Puritanism: the New England Historical Imagination: 8. The concept of puritan ancestry; 9. The politics of historiography; 10. Fictionalizing puritan history: some problems and approaches; 11. Hawthorne and Stowe as rival interpreters of New England Puritanism; Part IV. New England as a Country of the Imagination: The Spirit of Place: 12. The cultural landscape in regional poetry and prose; 13. The village as icon; 14. Lococentrism from Dwight to Thoreau; 15. Comic grotesque; 16. Provincial Gothic: Hawthorne, Stoddard, and others; Postscript; Appendix. Vital statistics: a quantitative analysis of authorship as a profession in New England.
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