How to Build a Thriving Fee-For-Service Practice: Integrating the Healing Side with the Business Side of Psychotherapy

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September 1999



Twenty years ago, a therapist could hang up a shingle, make some networking calls, and begin to create a steady stream of referrals. Since then, private practice has changed dramatically. Now therapists everywhere are struggling just to keep their practices going. The need has never been greater for sound business tools for building and marketing a therapy practice. How to Build a Thriving Fee-for-Service Practice is essential reading for newly licensed therapists, seasoned professionals, and others wanting to prepare practitioners for success.
How to Build a Thriving Fee-for-Service Practice guides you from your ideal practice vision through the "how-to" steps to succeed. You will learn that a private practice is, in effect, a small business. Chapters contain solid training to help you not only to survive, but also to thrive in a highly competitive market place. Examples, worksheets, business forms, flow charts, paper and pen exercises, and even assignments in the "real world," expose you to essential materials and ideas.
Coverage includes surveying the needs of one's community, capitalizing on unusual market niches, marketing ideas to build one's practice, creating brochures, widening one's scope and expertise through public speaking, seminars, workshops, and writing, analyzing financial data and projections, tracking client information, and more.
* Contains foreword by American Psychological Association President Dr. Patrick DeLeon
* Provides a crash course in business management for therapists
* Includes examples, worksheets, business forms, and exercises
* Supplies tools for bypassing restrictions of managed care
* Suitable for newly licensed therapists andseasoned professionals
Written by a licensed therapist with over 19 years of experience in private practice, this book is a much-needed reference for mental health practitioners pursuing fee-for-service practice.
Key Features
* Learn solid training to not only surv


P.H. DeLeon, Foreward. L. Kolt, Preface. About the Author. Private Practice in Transition. Choosing a Strategic Specialty. Developing Your Marketing Plans. How To Do Seminars, Workshops, Writing, and Large-Scale Projects. Giving Psychology Away. Anatomy of a Small Business. Starting a New Office or Relocating. Practice Management Tracking and Statistics. Motivational Blocks to Private Success. References. Additional Resources. Index.


Laurie Kolt, Ph.D., is an award-winning and nationally respected practice-building consultant. She is a frequently invited presenter for continuing education workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses for national, state, and local therapy organizations.The author of numerous training manuals, she has written over 100 articles on practice development and goal setting. Her work has also been featured in the APA Monitor, Psychotherapy Finances, The APA Independent Practitioner, ACA's Counseling Today, The APA Division of Psychotherapy Bulletin, Practice Management Monthly, and the San Diego Daily Transcript.Dr. Kolt strives to be accessible to individual practitioners. She distributes a practice newsletter, provides training through her website at and works one-on-one with clinicians across the country.Dr. Kolt has a thriving practice in San Diego, California, and has been in private practice for 19 years. She is a clinical and organizational/industrial psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and career development researcher. Through her consulting firm, Kolt Consulting, she has been instrumental in building practices across 43 states and 4 countries.


"Changes in the health care delivery system have made it difficult for psychologists to practice ethically and autonomously. Nevertheless, like me, there are many experienced and new clinicians who see independent practice as the way in which they want to serve the public. Kolt's book provides all of us with useful and creative ways in which we can successfully meet the goal of a rewarding practice which meets the myriad needs of the American people." --DOROTHY W. CANTOR, Psy.D., Former President, American Psychological Association "Dr. Kolt's optimistic and yet inspirational and clear ideas put building a psychotherapy practice back into focus. It is a must T.D.R. (Therapists' Desk Reference) for every clinician." --RICHARD J. KAY, M.A., President, Michigan Professional Psychology Association "Dr. Kolt understands the pressures and challenges that face professionals in today's market economy and demonstrates how to turn this awareness into a successful practice...This book is an indispensable resource which practitioners will reach for again and again." --NOEMI BALINTH, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, New York State Psychological Association President, 2000 "Positive, Proactive, and Practical! Dr. Kolt's creative, challenging, and constructive tools are sure to bring you success." --ALICE RUBENSTEIN, Ed.D., Past President, American Psychological Association, Division of Psychotherapy "Dr. Kolt's book should be required reading for every psychologist or therapist launching a practice. Built on a solid foundation of proven marketing techniques, she provides the reader with both the tools to build a niche market practice and the confidence to achieve success. This book is the course in building a practice--and a career in psychology--that most doctoral students never receive." --JUDITH E. N. ALBINO, Ph.D., President, California School of Professional Psychology "Dr. Kolt provides an excellent resource for those beginning practice as well as for those facing the challenges of a new healthcare marketplace. This is a welcome and much needed resource to enable therapists to maintain the integrity of a caring practice while also being successful in business. This is a gift to her profession." --REVEREND RICHARD BOWYER, Campus Minister, Wesley Foundation at Fairmont State College "Reading Dr. Kolt's book is like having a mentor hold your hand and walk you through the practice development and marketing process step by step. It's time for graduate schools and internship programs to teach students these skills and this is the ideal text. Dr. Kolt's book is also an excellent resource for experienced psychologists who want to improve or reinvent their practices." --MICHAEL BRICKEY, Ph.D., ABPP "There is a real value here for those who want a detailed map on building and maintaining a therapy practice." --WILLIAM MEYERS, Former editor, APA Division 42, Independent Practitioner "This book is for every psychologist who wants to have a more profitable practice. Well written, with essential information for psychologists who want to grow their practice. Want an ethical and successful practice that you control? If so, this book is for you. Dr. Kolt's book will not only help you obtain an ethical profitable practice, it will lead you through a path of self-discovery and provide a toolbox for obtaining your professional dreams. Dr. Kolt's book is a fascinating exercise in personal development in the service of professional growth. As any good psychologist should, Dr. Kolt helps you to clarify your own practice vision and then guides you to a custom plan for getting what you want. Not easy, but she has really done it. I love the motivational aspects of this book. Dr. Kolt not only gives you the tools needed to build your practice to your own specifications, she helps you defeat your own demons in the process. The amount of practice building help in this book is truly astounding. Dr. Kolt guides you through the options to develop a personal practice building plan, and then overcome the barriers to its achievement." --JUDITH STEWARD, Ph.D., President-Elect Designate, APA Division of Independent Practice
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