Free Money and Services for Seniors and Their Families

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Millions of dollars of services are available to help seniors and their caregivers get the top quality care they need for free or at a minimal cost. Leading free money expert Laurie Blum shows you how to navigate the bureaucratic maze. She provides over 1,000 sources of free financial aid, complete with contact names, addresses, and phone and fax numbers; listings of hundreds of government, community, and private organizations that provide nonfinancial assistance; clear step-by-step instructions for assessing your needs, evaluating services, working with caregivers, and making legal arrangements; and smart ways to choose at-home and alternative housing for self-sufficient seniors or those needing special care.


THE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS. Services and Products Available for the Well at Home. Community-Based Services. Services Provided at Home for the Ill. Alternative Housing Arrangements for Older People. Nursing Homes. Arranging and Checking Care from Afar. THE SOURCES. Associations and Organizations Directed Toward the Needs of Older Americans. Private Foundation Funding. Area Agencies on Aging. Bibliography. Index.


LAURIE BLUM is America's top free money expert and the author of thirteen books on the subject, including her bestseller, Free Money for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, also available from Wiley. As principal and cofounder of Blum & O'Hara, she has raised funds and created programs for many healthcare organizations, including The Alzheimer's Prevention Foundation, The Stehlin Cancer Institute, and The Neurosciences Institute. Ms. Blum lives in New York City.
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