Reading for a Reason 2: Expanding Reading Skills

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Mai 2005



This three-level academic, theme-based reading series focuses on cross-cultural content and promotes critical thinking skills. Features Reading selections span fiction, non-fiction, news and magazine articles, interviews, maps, charts, web pages, quotations, and photo captions. Reading passages reflect controlled word count and vocabulary and structure progression. Skills are continually recycled to build student reading fluency, confidence, and mastery. Units open with engaging photographs and questions to introduce the theme, provide academic focus, set chapter goals, and activate prior knowledge. "Before You Read" activities stimulate background knowledge, focus on vocabulary presentation and practice, and introduce important expressions. "As You Read" sections focus students on the main idea, offer timed readings to build fluency, and provide pair work activities to promote topic discussion and information processing. A specific section in each unit focuses on Internet reseach. Structured speaking activities help students further explore each unit theme. Each unit concludes with three writing activities. This is the intermediate level student book.


Reading for a Reason Expanding Reading Skills Unit 1: Student Success Chapter 1: How to Read a Textbook Chapter 2: Test-Taking skills Unit 2: History Chapter 3:World History: 1000-1500 A.D. Chapter 4: The History of Flight Unit 3: Business Chapter 5: Jobs Chapter 6: International Marketing Unit 4: Physical Science Chapter 7: Mars Chapter 8: Meteorology Unit 5: The Arts Chapter 9: Jazz Chapter 10: Art History: Asian Influences on Western Art Timed Reading Chart Vocabulary Index Skills Index Academic Word List Frequency Word List Credits


Laurie Blass received an M.A. in Linguistics and a TESIL certificate from the University of Pittsburgh. She taught ESOL in the U.S. and France for 10 years, and has written several ESOL textbooks, including Mosaic I & II, A Content-Based Writing Book, Interactions Access: A Listening/Speaking Book, Task reading, Worldbeat, Reflections and Beyond and Lets Talk Business. Laurie has also worked as a freelance developmental editor for several ESOL publishers. She also designs and writes interactive CD-ROM and web content for educational software developers.
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