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Using a wide range of twentieth-century literary prose, Laura Wright and Jonathan Hope provide an interactive introduction to the techniques of stylistic analysis. Divided up into five sections--the noun phrase, the verb phrase, the clause, text structure and vocabulary--the book also provides an introduction to the basics of descriptive grammar for beginning students. Presuming no prior linguistic knowledge, "Stylistics" provides a comprehensive glossary of terms. Designed to be used in a variety of classrooms, it introduces students to an enormous range of 20th century literature. This book does not seek to present an account of stylistics as a discipline; rather, it provides over forty opportunities for hands-on stylistic analysis. For each linguistic feature under discussion, the reader is offered a definition, a text for analysis, exercises and tasks, in addition to a suggested solution.


List of Texts A. The Noun Phrase B. The Verb Phrase C. The Clause D. Text Structure E. Vocabulary. Texts include: Joseph Conrad - Typhoon; Raymond Chandler - The Big Sleep; Roddy Doyle - The Snapper; F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby; Graham Greene - Brighton Rock; Henry James - The Ambassadors; James Joyce - Ulysses; Jay McInerney - Brightness Falls; Timothy Mo - Sour Sweet.
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