The Tales of an Irreverent Eros: An Outrageous Collection of Love Stories

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April 2008



"The Tales Of An Irreverent Eros" is a modern day Decameron, the erotic book of the Renaissance. Presented at the level of literary classics, it is a collection of highly explicit fables with uniquely outstanding characters and out of the ordinary plotlines. In reprehensible disregard to mainstream writing formulas, the work is filled with introspect, ambivalence and inner struggles of the intellect. Larry doesn't like to wallow in lurid details, yet he never stops short at the shell and always aims for the pearl inside. No story in this volume wonders too far away from the truth. The more unspeakable a subject seems the more elegantly he presents its factuality. A surprising revelation of secret closures and unwritten covenants, swinging that reinforces failing relationships, wife swapping and bottle spinning, urban legends and fairy tales for adults, fiction writers with sick fantasies, all in the name of creating an enjoyable book. Larry is a master of the craft.

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