After War Ends

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There is extensive discussion in current Just War literature about the normative principles which should govern the initiation of war (jus ad bellum) and also the conduct of war (jus in bello), but this is the first book to treat the important and difficult issue of justice after the end of war. Larry May examines the normative principles which should govern post-war practices such as reparations, restitution, reconciliation, retribution, rebuilding, proportionality and the Responsibility to Protect. He discusses the emerging international law literature on transitional justice and the problem of moving from a position of war and possible mass atrocity to a position of peace and reconciliation. He questions the Just War tradition, arguing that contingent pacifism is most in keeping with normative principles after war ends. His discussion is richly illustrated with contemporary examples and will be of interest to students of political and legal philosophy, law and military studies. Addresses the subject of justice after war ends, covering the principles of reparations, restitution, reconciliation, retribution, rebuilding and proportionality. Combines discussion of the history of Just War tradition with contemporary examples from transitional justice. Of interest to students of political philosophy, legal philosophy, political theory, law and military studies.


1. Introduction: normative principles of jus post bellum; Part I. Retribution: 2. Grotius, sovereignty, and the indictment of Al Bashir; 3. Transitional justice and the Just War tradition; 4. War crimes trials during and after war; Part II. Reconciliation: 5. Reconciliation of warring parties; 6. Reconciliation and the rule of law; 7. Conflicting responsibilities to protect human rights; Part III. Rebuilding: 8. Responsibility to rebuild and collective responsibility; 9. Responsibility to rebuild as a limitation on initiating war; Part IV. Restitution and Reparation: 10. Restitution and restoration in jus post bellum; 11. A Grotian account of reparations; Part V. Proportionality and the End of War: 12. Proportionality and the fog of war.


Larry May is W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Law, and Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University. His monographs include Global Justice and Due Process (Cambridge University Press, 2011), Genocide: A Normative Account (Cambridge University Press, 2010), Aggression and Crimes Against Peace (Cambridge University Press, 2008), War Crimes and Just War (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Crimes against Humanity: A Normative Account (Cambridge University Press, 2005).


'After War Ends is a landmark text in the ethics of war that will form the starting point for debate on the issues of justice after war for many years to come. May's trademark synthesis of moral, legal and social argumentation is here deployed to superb effect. Essential reading for anyone seeking to make sense of recent military experience and map a better course for the future.' Dr Rodin, University of Oxford 'With this, his third book on Just War Theory, Professor May makes a massive contribution to our thinking about war's aftermath. The area of jus post bellum has not, until now, received the serious philosophical attention it deserves. May's lucid, comprehensive and fair account is sure to become the standard work in the field.' Nir Eisikovits, Suffolk University, Boston
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