A Land So Remote, V.1-3

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Januar 2008



Comprised of the three volume set of "A Land So Remote", this beautifully designed and packaged boxed set is an essential part of any reference library and a must have for collectors. The three volumes in this set comprise the most comprehensive visual document of Spanish colonial art and frontier artifacts of New Mexico. "
A Kingdom of Saints, Early Bultos of New Mexico"
TP $8.95, 1-878610-35-X _ CUSA "
A Kingdom of Saints, Early Retablos of New Mexico"
TP $8.95, 1-878610-36-8 _ CUSA "
The World of Flower Blue"
TC $49.95, 1-878610-65-1 _ CUSA "
Spirit Ascendant"
TC $49.95, 1-878610-46-5 _ CUSA "
Taos Moderns"
TP $25.00, 1-878610-17-1 _ CUSA


History and Culture of Early New Mexico; Santero and Santo: Art and Religion; The School of the Laguna Santero, Fray Andres Garcia and then Novice Santero; Antonio Molleno and Followers; Pedro Antonio Fresquis, the Santero of the Delicate Crucifixes and the Santero of the Mountain Village Crucifixes; Jose Aragon, Followers, and the Master of the Arroyo Hondo Church Alter Screen; The A J Santero and the Lattice Cross Santero; Jose Rafael Aragon and Followers; The Santo Nino Santero; The School of the Quill Pen Santero; The Arroyo Hondo Santero; Jose de Gracia Gonzales and the Anonymous Santero; Late and Penitente Santeros; Jose Benito Ortega; Annotated list of Saints and Religious Terms; Bibliography; Index; Agricultural tools; Hand tools and weapons; Weaving and textile tools; Tanning and hide processing; Equestrian and transportation gear; Measuring tools; Religious artifacts; Architectural details; Furniture; Household goods; Toys games and entertainment; Notes; Index.
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