How Can I Fix It?: Finding Solutions and Managing Dilemmas: An Educator's Road Map

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April 2001



This easy-to-use guide will help teachers and principals make sense of the daily complexities they encounter in their work. Cuban presents vivid and provocative case studies of practitioners' experiences in urban and suburban schools that deal with the routine conflicts of school. He draws on his own extensive experience in public schools and his research into teaching and administration to set forth a practical framework for identifying, defining, and coping with both puzzling problems and tension-filled dilemmas.


"This new book is vintage Larry Cuban. His analysis of the centrality of dilemmas in educational leadership is superb." - Lee S. Shulman, President, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching "Three cheers for Larry Cuban! In a world of mega-solutions (standards, testing, vouchers, etc.) Cuban's slight, sane book reminds us that in schools lasting change comes incrementally, from the day-to-day decisions made by practicing teachers and principals. What a welcome relief for practitioners on the firing-line!" - Tom Sobol, Christian A. Johnson Professor of Outstanding Educational Practice, Teachers College, Columbia University "Teachers and administrators alike should read this book, particularly those who seek change and want to increase their understanding of the intractable dilemmas that continue to return to frustrate and haunt us." - Lee Swenson, social studies teacher at Aragon High School, San Mateo, California
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