Dr. Larry Silver's Advice to Parents on ADHD: Second Edition

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Juni 1999



"How Can I Help My Child with ADHD?" With this fully realized second edition of the classic guide, Dr. Larry Silver addresses the subjects all parents wonder about when they suspect their child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: What causes ADHD? What signs should I look for? How can I make sure my child is diagnosed correctly? Could my child have a learning disability, too? What's the latest information on medications and other treatments? What controversial treatments should I watch out for? What should I tell my child's school, and what should they be doing? What legal issues do I need to understand to get my child the right help and protect his or her rights? How can I handle behavior problems? How can I help my whole family cope with the situation? Dr. Silver's warm, thoroughly practical guide will give parents, teachers, and others the support they want and the answers they need.

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