Lost Fathers: How Women Can Heal from Adolescent Father Loss

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What are the long-term ramifications for adolescent girls who lose one of the most important relationships in their life? Every year an estimated one million teen girls experience the death of their fathers. Countless more lose their fathers to divorce, addiction, incarceration or abandonment. Many helpful resources exist for teen girls dealing with such a devastating loss, but until now there hasn't been an authoritative guide for adult women to turn to in understanding how their behaviors and relationships may be shaped by losing their father at such a pivotal developmental stage. With gentle expertise, Laraine Herring blends poignant personal stories, the latest information in developmental psychology, and interactive exercises for readers in this much-needed, healing guide. Readers of Lost Fathers will feel a sense of connection to other women who struggle with issues related to commitment, trust, intimacy, self-confidence, and independence.

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