Russian Civil-Military Relations and the Origins of the Second Chechen War

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August 2008



This book has relevance for those interested in understanding Russia's course in international relations under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. This book will inform the reader and is especially relevant in light of the events of 2008 in the Caucasus and the war in Georgia, in particular.


Part 1 I: An Introductory Analysis Chapter 2 Preamble to the Causes of the Second Chechen War Chapter 3 Neo-Eurasianism and Russian National Security Policy Chapter 4 The Antecedents of the Second Chechen War Chapter 5 March 1999: The Case of Major General Shpigun's Abduction Chapter 6 Enter Security Council Secretary Vladimir Putin Chapter 7 NATO's Air War Against Serbia: The Kosovo Crisis Shoots Up Chapter 8 Russia's Security Concerns in May: NATO and Internal Challenges Chapter 9 The Kosovo Crisis: The First Week of June 1999 Chapter 10 The Moscow Talks and the Russian Race to Prishtina Airport Chapter 11 The Russian Military Occupation of Prishtina Airport Chapter 12 Vested Interests: The Russian Defense Ministry and Kosovo Chapter 13 The Nature of Russian Civil-Military Relations in 1999: Additional Assumptions Chapter 14 After Kosovo: Russia, The Caucasus, and Chechnya Chapter 15 The Opening Stages of the Second Chechen War Chapter 16 Conclusion Part 17 Reference List


Lajos F. Szaszdi received his Ph.D. in World Politics from Catholic University, Washington D.C.


Recommended. -- L. K. D. Kirstof CHOICE, April 2009
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