African Francophone Writing: A Critical Introduction

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Presents a comprehensive overview of African writing in the Francophone literary world. This title explores the work of important classic and contemporary African writers from the 1950s onwards. It provides a variety of theoretically sophisticated analyses of Francophone writing.


'... will be immediately useful and stimulating to all those interested in questions of the representation and handling of ethnicity and questions of identity in literature.'Mike Waite, Reviews Editor, Socialist History'... a clear impression is given of the diversity of African Francophone literature. Most particularly, the sense of context is never lost, the feeling that these writers are not writing in a vacuum, that the ivory tower, if it ever existed, has been well and truly toppled. ... (the volume) will be useful to those already acquainted with African Francophone literature and a stimulating introduction to students as yet unfamiliar with its rich complexities.'ASCALF'The book's dual perspective allows it to reveal connections in francophone writing that might not otherwise be considered ... a baluable guide to francophone writing in Africa.'World Literature Today'The strength of the book lies in that dialogue generated by diversity, in addressing key issues, and
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