Teaching Like Jesus

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August 1999



Teaching Like Jesus is a handbook for Christian education in local churches that applies Jesus' methods to make the Bible culturally relevant for today.


List of Illustrations 9 Acknowledgments 11
1. What Is Christian Education? 13 Part One Principles from Jesus
2. Jesus, the Master Teacher 27
3. Most Memorable Teacher 41
4. Through the Learner's Lens 55
5. In the Learner's Skates 73 Part Two Practice for Ministry
6. Pray ... Plan ... Prepare 95
7. Lo! Children! 115
8. Earning the Right to Be Heard 137
9. Teachable Moments 155
10. Stay on the Wall! 173 Appendix A: Sample Lessons 189 Lesson Plan
1: House on a Rock 190 Lesson Plan
2: Trusting in God 191 Lesson Plan
3: An Angel Brings Good News 196 Lesson Plan
4: If Jesus Came to Your House 198 Lesson Plan
5: Sabio" Means Wise 201 Lesson Plan
6: I Am God's Workmanship 204 Lesson Plan
7: Victory over Temptations 208 Lesson Plan
8: The Sacrifice 210 Lesson Plan
9: Let's (Really!) Talk" 213 Appendix B: Sample Forms 215 Answer Key to Show, Tell, Do 217 Volunteer Application 219 Letter of Commitment 220 Nursery Sign-In 221 Preschool Sign-In 222 Kindergarten Sign-In 223 Children's Church Sign-In 224 Baby Dedication Decision Form 225 Baby Dedication Form 226 Prayer for Baby Dedication 227 Your Child's First Communion 228 Certificate of Communion 229 Travel Permission Form 230 Baptism Form 232 Everything You Need to Know About Baptism 233 Bibliography 236 Subject and Name Index 237


La Verne Tolbert (PhD, Biola University) is the founder of Teaching Like Jesus Ministries, which equips pastors, teachers, and volunteers in Christian education and children's ministries. She lives in Highland Park, California. La Verne Tolbert (Ph. D.) es profesora asistente de Educacion Cristiana en la "Talbot School of Theology" y pastora de Educacion Christiana en la "Faithful Central Missionary Baptist Chruch", una de las iglesias de mas rapido crecimiento en Los Angeles. Escritora con varios libros publicados, dirige talleres de entrenamiento para maestros y ha servido en Escuelas Dominicales en iglesias tanto afroamericanas como blancas.
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Untertitel: A Practical Guide to Christian Education in Your Church. B & W line art; charts. Sprache: Englisch.
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