This Game Has No Loyalty

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Februar 2008



Junior is on the come up running his drug operation out of Baptiste Housing Projects until one of the most feared criminals in the hood gets wind. With things changing around him left and right it doesn't take long before he gets a taste of disloyalty. With a stacked deck against him, Junior is forced to flee Baptiste in order to regroup. He temporarily hands the reigns of his operation to his most trusted soldier. During his time in hiding, Junior plots revenge but needs the help of a girlfriend to foil yet another attempt to take over his operation. He must ask her to betray a family member, an act that could get her family member killed. Will blood prove thicker than water? Will Junior have the arsenal to stop all takeover attempts or will he fall victim to the evils the game is offering? In the hustle game, loyalty is something that shouldn't be taken for granted. In the game of love, loyalty is something many take for granted. In the game of life, loyalty is something that is earned. Whatever game you are the end you will understand the saying, "This Game Has No Loyalty."

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