Quality Middle School Leadership: Eleven Central Skill Areas

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What are the skills necessary for effective middle school leadership? What are the components of quality middle schools? The answers to these questions lie within this book. The author explores the important facets of a middle school principal's leadership role. It is organized around 11 central skill areas, such as: leadership effectiveness, interdisciplinary teaming, designing curriculum content, and meeting the needs of at-risk students. The result of years of research and evaluation, this essential guide is one that new and experienced middle school principals can implement in their schools in order to provide a better education and a safer learning environment for their students. New in Paperback.


Chapter 1 The Middle School: A Conceptual Framework Chapter 2 Leadership for Effective Middle Schools Chapter 3 Leadership for the Exploratory Curriculum Chapter 4 Teams, Team Building, Team Planning, and Team Teaching: The Role of the Middle School Principal Chapter 5 The Principal and the Interdisciplinary Curriculum Chapter 6 Intramural Athletics: Promoting Quality Middle School Goals Chapter 7 A Quality Advisor/Advisee Program Chapter 8 Leadership for At-Risk Students and Remedial Education in Middle Schools Chapter 9 Schedules and Scheduling for Quality Education Chapter 10 Leadership for Community and Home Involvement with the Middle School Chapter 11 The Role of the Principal in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Grouping Practices Chapter 12 Continuous Improvement and Action Research: The Quality Methods, Tools, and Techniques for School Improvement


L. David Weller, Ph.D., is Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Georgia.


Dealing with theory and research before presenting examples of applying principles in practice, Weller (educational leadership, U. of Georgia) attempts to combine the quality management theory of W. Edwards Deming and his own research on middle school practices. Addressing essential skills for principals and components of quality-producing middle schools, he discusses team building and planning, interdisciplinary curriculum, intramural athletics, remedial education, community and home involvement, and scheduling. Reference and Research Book News ...catalogues components of 'true' middle schools and how strong school leadership reinforces these components. Educational Research
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